Relationship therapy

At The Open Room we believe that everyone should have fulfilling personal relationships and we want to help you reach that goal. We specialise in working with couples who want to improve the quality of their relationship. Many couples are so confused by their mixed feelings towards each other and we enjoy working with this discord in order to find a way through to having a more meaningful and loving relationship.
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Individual therapy

Asking the question: what do you want to get out of counselling can be really hard to answer. At The Open Room we try and work with what’s troubling you, what got you booking a session with us and why now. We listen to you.

For some people, we help facilitate a transformation in their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and to move forward with more confidence and less anxiety. For others just a small amount of awareness helps them feel more settled inside.
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Group facilitation and support

At The Open Room, we are able to provide Group Leadership and facilitation for any organisation, branch, club, specialist interest and/or any specific specialist issue for example Infidelity, weight management, sport teams cohesion and motivation to name but a few.
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Separation rehearsal

Separation Rehearsal, conscious uncoupling or controlled separations, are all terms that explain a way in which you can consider whether this relationship is too good to leave, or too bad to stay in.

At The Open Room we have worked with many couples and individuals who feel paralysed by the enormity of considering whether they want to go on trying, or whether they have reached the end of the road.  Many couples and individuals panic, feel the pressure to make a decision yet don’t understand the consequences. They are frightened about the future but feel compelled to do something rather than nothing.
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Domestic violence

We understand how upsetting it can be to think and feel that we are out of control especially when we argue and fight. And we know it can be difficult to know what to do and how to stop this. We have worked with many couples who have fought both verbally, physically and psychologically with each other.

At the Open Room we consider domestic violence/abuse as a safety and child protection issue. Before we proceed working with you the couple, or you as one of a couple, we will work with you collaboratively to ascertain and assess whether counselling may be safe and suitable for you.
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Substance misuse and addiction

Addiction is the label given to a pattern of behaviour that is compulsive and preoccupies, that is difficult to stop and stay stopped, and that brings with it harmful consequences. Whether you are addicted to gambling, to alcohol, to drugs, to sex, porn or BDSM to name but a few more prominent addictions, we can help you understand and work with these.

At The Open Room, we understand that by the time you get to us the pain and consequences are so great or the pain is so bad that you may feel your life is out of control because of your behaviour. We understand that you are in all probability hiding your addiction from those closest to you for fear of reprisal and judgement, and that you believe at some level, that they are unaffected by it.
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At The Open Room, we believe that people are generally capable of doing amazing things, at work and at home, but often feel unsure, lacking in confidence or competence when moving away from what is familiar.    This is where coaching can help.

Coaching is a kind of conversation where you and the coach work together towards the achievement of your goals, visions or desires in a climate of trust and openness.   Sometimes the work is helping you get clarity around what you really want.
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Training - Tailored Couples Counselling

At the Open Room we provide tailored training for our colleagues in the field in areas that specifically focus and apply to couples. Working with couples is a specialist area. As practitioners, we believe in knowing our levels of competency, how and where this is applied in clinical practice.

We run a series of workshops that provide an opportunity to examine topics from personal, professional and practical perspectives.
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