Steps to success

At The Open Room, we believe that people are generally capable of doing amazing things, at work and at home, but often feel unsure, lacking in confidence or competence when moving away from what is familiar.    This is where coaching can help.

Coaching is a kind of conversation where you and the coach work together towards the achievement of your goals, visions or desires in a climate of trust and openness.   Sometimes the work is helping you get clarity around what you really want.

Sketch of cross roadsIt is an opportunity to be heard at depth so that you can reach ‘unknown thoughts’ about an aspect of your life, the significance this has for you and the solutions and skills you have to address this.  It is also a source of learning by enhancing personal awareness, identifying new options and developing knowledge or behaviours.

As each client journey is different we offer two paths; Executive Coaching and Transition Coaching both are underpinned by a clear agreement about what you want to achieve.

Executive coaching is aimed at bringing about changes or transforming results for the client and, through them, their team, other groups and organisations.  Examples of issues clients bring to these sessions are:-

  • Investment bankers preparing for their annual review by identifying strengths and achievements, planning the conversation to achieve a desired outcome and working on confidence and impact.
  • Newly appointed director wanting to understand what it means to be a leader and identify their own leadership style.
  • A business owner struggling with their business partner.
  • A CEO frustrated with their management team’s inability to ‘step up’.
  • A manager who avoided difficult conversations and did not always have the impact they want when influencing others.
  • A manager who was not getting the promotion their believed they deserved.

We keep the context in mind, act with urgency but don’t rush to solutions. Trust is the engine of our work: it’s your company, your team, your job, your life. We try to understand how you see things first, and THEN we talk about which framework, theory, design solution is most helpful.

Transition coaching is ideal for those at a ‘cross road’ in life.  When facing the prospect of change, whether chosen or because of circumstance, we can lack clarity around what direction to take or the route to follow.  We typically feel out of control and may find it hard to believe that we can create the future we truly desire.  Examples of where we helped people include: -

  • A mother working in the public sector wanting to find a job that offered more challenge as her children find their independence lacking the confidence and belief that she could achieve this.
  • An ambitious and talented woman looking to ‘find herself again’ after a divorce and having dedicated herself to repairing her marriage and supporting her family for two years.
  • A woman wanting to set up her own business but lacked knowledge of how to go about this.
  • A young man lacking a sense of purpose and direction in his career and feeling pressured by his family to do something about it.
  • A CEO, wrestling with the pressure of work and lack of time for himself and his home life.
  • A senior business woman struggling with building and maintaining relationships at work and at home.
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