Separation rehearsal

There is another path to considering the end of your relationship..................

DiagramSeparation rehearsal, conscious uncoupling or controlled separations, are all terms that explain a way in which you can consider whether this relationship is too good to leave, or too bad to stay in.

At The Open Room we have worked with many couples and individuals who feel paralysed by the enormity of considering whether they want to go on trying, or whether they have reached the end of the road.  Many couples and individuals panic, feel the pressure to make a decision yet don’t understand the consequences. They are frightened about the future but feel compelled to do something rather than nothing.

We don’t ascribe to either/or scenarios as in stay or leave. Our philosophy is all centred around AND.  And offers an alternative consideration…………………..and what about working together to consider separation as an option?

Our approach helps you give yourselves time to work through what feels best. To prepare and tackle decisions that may need to be eventually made.

This unique approach to what is a very emotional, vulnerable and angry time can help you get clarity. This method of work provides you with the skills, insight and tools for you to travel this path. This method isn’t about action, it’s about thinking and feeling and working together with the help of a therapist who facilitates each and every step with you. This gives you time to get on board with it yourself.

Whether you stay together or decide to part, this process helps you communicate better, gain insight and understanding, helps you compromise and sensitively examine all possible solutions together. These skills could become especially important when considering separation and divorce.

At The Open Room we are committed to helping clients navigate this emotional minefield.

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