Substance misuse and addiction

Working with and understanding addictions

Reduction RegimeAddiction is the label given to a pattern of behaviour that is compulsive and preoccupies, that is difficult to stop and stay stopped, and that brings with it harmful consequences. Whether you are addicted to gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, porn or BDSM to name but a few more prominent addictions, we can help you understand and work with these.

At The Open Room, we understand that by the time you get to us the pain and consequences are so great or the pain is so bad that you may feel your life is out of control because of your behaviour. We understand that you are in all probability hiding your addiction from those closest to you for fear of reprisal and judgement, and that you believe at some level, that they are unaffected by it.

At The Open Room we work with you to:

  • Identify your cycle of addiction and identify your triggers
  • Look at your loss cycle and your inner beliefs about yourself
  • Demystify the addiction cycle by piecing together what happens in your body and mind
  • Identify strategies for avoiding rituals that initiate your cycle
  • Design plans and actions that keep you safe
  • Look at your early years in order to understand and identify early behaviours and patterns that have emerged through time
  • Identify and work on underlying issues with you to prevent recurrence and relapse

We have successfully helped many individuals who have come to understand and acknowledge their addiction or compulsion. They have successfully taken back control of their life and their behaviours.

At The Open Room we think of behaviours as a continuum, at one level there is abstinence and at the other there is absence of control. At the assessment stage, we will work together to get a sense of where you fit on this continuum and whether we are competent and/or the best fit to work with you. However, those suffering from extreme forms of addiction and compulsion are best suited to consulting the medical profession in the first instance.

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