Group facilitation and support

“The most important thing about a group is its existence” wrote Eric Berne, M.D.

At The Open Room, we are able to provide Group Leadership and facilitation for any organisation, branch, club, specialist interest and/or any specific specialist issue for example Infidelity, weight management, sport teams cohesion and motivation to name but a few.

There are also many types of Groups both large and small requiring differing structures and this needs careful consideration in the planning stage. Before any Group can come into being, we like to understand the Group purpose and the specific expectations. We work with clients to translate ideas into tangible deliveries that give rise to hope and new learning. We generally like to be concise about what needs to be offered and to whom. We are interested in life span and whether it’s an open (drop in of membership) or closed (pre-defined attendance) group.

As experienced therapists with a pedigree of experience in Leadership and Project Management, we bring a unique capability to setting up Groups and helping design tactics and strategies to shape the Group experience to maximise its potency with different clients in different settings.

At The Open Room we aim to:

  • Enhance and underpin the importance of interpersonal relationships and communication, each of us exits within a tapestry of relationships both past and present
  • Promote interaction, and help individuals develop a more grounded and empowered concept and sense of self
  • Generate a positive self-reinforcing loop of trust, self-disclosure, empathy, acceptance and well-being

The first step is to make contact with us, we can then discuss your ideas and work together.

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