Training - Tailored Couples Counselling

At the Open Room we provide tailored training for our colleagues in the field in areas that specifically focus and apply to couples. Working with couples is a specialist area. As practitioners, we believe in knowing our levels of competency, how and where this is applied in clinical practice.

We run a series of workshops that provide an opportunity to examine topics from personal, professional and practical perspectives.  Tailored continuous professional development (CPD) gives you space to learn new techniques and when to apply more directional approaches in your work. You will be able to share your feelings, thoughts and practical concerns with peers. Also have the opportunity to reflect and consider what you may need to do to start working in this space, or further develop your existing skills.

If you want some help to get started working with couples, the following areas might be of interest:

  • Why the couple are together - Help with understanding the unconscious couple fit
  • Working Safely - Working with domestic violence, sex and infidelity
  • Conflict - When couples constantly argue in a session with no let up
  • Change - When someone brings the ‘other’ to be fixed
  • Gridlock - Helping the couple break the stalemate
  • Parting of ways – Conscious uncoupling or controlled separations – starting the process

On completion you’ll take away insights into your own process, along with practical tools and experiences which can be applied with immediacy.  We provide tailored training to suit your schedule at weekends or evenings as required.

These can be as little as one hour to a full day. The cost is £68.00 per hour, which is shared by the number of participants in attendance. The more the merrier as we say. If a more formal setting speaks to your learning style as opposed to smaller group or individual training, then visit: – for further information where programmes are run annually by Annette Jones of the Open Room on behalf of the Link Centre.

Client Reviews:

“I found this course to be immersive and presented in context. Tools that help give insight into the ‘how’ of working with Couples are fully explained and explored in detail. The trainers experience is diverse and plentiful,   knowledge and experience is shared in abundance”.

Mandy Randall-Gavin BA (Hons) Dip. TA Practice MBACP
MRG Counselling & Psychotherapy

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